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Not everyone can attend my classes in person so I created these videos to help readers succeed in making my breads. There are many variables involved and they strongly affect the finished product. Some of these variables include the brand of flour you use, the humidity and temperature in your house, type of loaf pan, variations in oven temperature.

Achieving the proper texture of your starters and batters will insure success. By watching the videos you can see what the textures are supposed to look like despite the variables. This will reduce your "trial and error" time moving you quickly towards success.

By becoming a member of this site, you join a growing community of people empowering themselves by baking and cooking food using simple, pure ingredients. The preparation and cooking techniques involved preserve the nutrition and integrity of the ingredients making the food more nutritious and easy to digest.

As a member you will have access to the videos as well as to new monthly articles, recipes and videos. There is also a lively and active forum available. You can submit baking and cooking questions to the forum and I will answer them. I invite all members to ask questions, express their opinions, and share knowledge. There is always more to learn and we can all learn from everyone's experiences.

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